Thursday, November 6, 2014

Moscow Layover, Take 2

This time around, I was doing the Moscow layover thing without Papa Beast, but I was still able to easily figure out the airport and the express train into the center of the city to meet our friend.

The express train drops you off near this Metro station, across the street from the Bolshoi theater.  There was light snowfall when I got into the city, but it doesn't show very well in the pictures.

My friend met me at the Metro station, and then we went to this lovely café for lunch.  It is owned by a local artist (who is apparently well known, but I'm not the most knowledgeable about the visual arts) and has a very eclectic style.

Case in point -- the boat hanging from the balcony!

Here's a shot of the inside of one of the Metro stations.  They really are beautiful there!

This bridge is full of metal trees that people use for the "love locks" -- a very unique and cute take on the craze.  :)

One of the trees.

A close up.  I love the heart-shaped ones.  :)

Having fun with photo angles.

More fun with my camera phone.

So beautiful!

Another beautiful Orthodox church in Moscow.

Inside Café Pushkin, where we stopped for tea and cake.
The cool elevator.

More elevator pictures.  Hey, it doesn't snow inside (it was hard at times to take pictures in the rain and snow, because I didn't want to damage my phone).

Details.  The metal tag is my coat check tag.  Sure beats a paper stub.

The inside.

Lets take a selfie!

My friend's coffee drink with the restaurant's monogram.

The sunroom, though it wasn't very sunny.

Honey cake.


The pharmacy.

More details.

The mayor's residence.

A statue surrounded by falling snow.

The bar we stopped into for more hot drinks.

Loving the PS3 decorated in a traditional Russian style.

After a lovely day, it was time to leave my friend, and take the sky stairs for the flight to Bishkek.  Feels like something out of the Pan Am show.  :-p


  1. Privet PRIVET!! It's been a month now and NO update!!!!! :((( When do we get to know what's been happening the last month??? Waiting and checking blog regularly ;-) Please PLEASE let us in on the excitement!!!

    1. So sorry -- been too busy to blog. :( I need to do a mega update post...