Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Court soon...

I'm way too busy/lazy to upload photos from the trip.  Hopefully soon.

Anyway, court is in the morning.  I'm nervous and can't sleep.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Quick update...

I made it to Bishkek, after a great layover in Moscow.

Court will be on Wednesday, October 22.

Papa Beast is home for work reasons, and will be speaking at a fundraiser for our agency soon (Saturday night US time).

Hopefully tonight I will be able to post pictures from Moscow and Bishkek.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Northern California Adoption Shower

Having family and friends in so many places means having two showers so that more people get to enjoy the festivities.

Nesting doll decorations from Cricut's new print then cut feature.


We had different sets of nesting dolls to represent the four generations of our family (my grandma, my mom, me, our little Marie) -- each of us has a set of nesting dolls that was used to decorate the party.  This is our daughter's set, purchased on our recent "day trip" to Moscow.

This is my mother's set, chosen in San Francisco not too long ago.  All of the sets have even smaller dolls, but we didn't want to risk losing them.

This is my grandmother's set, brought back from Russia by a friend of hers a long time ago.
Here's my set, surrounding the coolest cake ever.

Seriously, look at this awesome cake our friend made for me.

The detail is truly awesome.  The cake was patterned off of Marie's set of nesting dolls.

Cake and champagne flutes.

The prize table. 

The yummy spread of food.

Olivye Salad, made with the recipe from the Natasha's Kitchen blog.

A "guess how many candies are in the jar" game.

Another view of the buffet spread.

Party favors -- bags filled with candies from around the world.

Here I am, about to cut the cake.

My pretty piece of cake.

And the head -- all that was left of the tasty cake when the party was over.